Product Care

 All Balmoral Co pieces are handmade with love and care so there may be slight variations between each piece.


Please do not machine wash or tumble dry your Balmoral Co bag. Our materials are durable but also delicate. Balmoral Co bags should not be ironed or placed near a heater to dry. 

Balmoral Co recycled PET felt

Brush any dirt and stains from recycled PET felt surface with a soft toothbrush using room temperature water if necessary. Brush only in one direction. Don’t rub in a circle or an up and down motion. Scrubbing in alternate directions can cause the material to pill. Allow to dry at room temperature.

The material is made of recycled plastic which may be noticeable on the product. 

Balmoral Co hardware

Can be wiped down with room temperature water and liquid detergent. Avoid all contact with strong acids and strong alkaline abrasive chemicals.

Balmoral Co mooring rope

Hand wash rope with room temperature water as required.


For more information about how best to take care of your Balmoral Co piece, please contact us at